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Bowel Movement Health: Are you “regular”?

For some, taking regular trips to the bathroom has never been an issue, but for others, it can be a pain in the butt (pun intended)! If you or someone you know could use a little help in this area, check out our 5 simple tips for improving bowel movement health below. No need to be shy around this subject…our bathroom trips tell us a lot about our over all health—and therefore, shouldn’t be ignored!

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, men should consume 38 grams of fiber per day and women 25 grams. Fiber is essential for healthy gastrointestinal regulation and helps keeps the trains arriving on time! There are two important types of fiber and both are required for optimal bowel health. Soluble fiber dissolves readily in water and forms a gel. This softens things up and allows for smooth and easy transitions! Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, does not dissolve in water. It acts like a racecar and increases stool speed. Fiber not only helps keep our systems “regular”, adequate intake of this important nutrient can help reduce the risk of several chronic diseases.1

Here are our 5 easy tips for making trips to the bathroom a breeze:

  1. Start each day with a hot beverage.  

Consuming warm liquids first thing in the morning helps stimulate intestinal contractions. This could be your morning cup of Joe, hot tea, or bone broth…whatever tickles your fancy.

In addition, if you’re a person that struggles with going #2 in public: give yourself ample time in the morning after you consume your hot beverage to start the engine! This allows you to take a “load off” before you head out the door for work ☺.

  1. Choose plant based foods.

Here’s the deal: What you eat affects your poop. Plant based foods like fruits and vegetables are abundant in both soluble and insoluble fiber.

ViBE bars (both flavors) contain a hearty dose of plant-based fiber! The Calm Bar has 9g and the Energy Bar has 14g.  This is a good chunk of your daily requirement for both men and women. If you’re a person that’s constantly on the go, these bars will have your back!

  1. Consume fluids consistently throughout the day.

One of the most important factors to consider when increasing daily fiber intake is to consume enough fluids. Consistent fiber intake without enough water may cause gas, bloating, constipation and cramping which would totally defeat the purpose of consuming fiber in the first place—so drink up! Men should consume around 3.7 liters of fluids and women 2.7 liters every single day. If exercise is part of your daily regimen, water recommendations may increase.

  1. Keep Moving!

Whether you hit the gym every day for a weight lifting sesh or take the stairs instead of the elevator on your way to lunch: all exercise counts! The USDA recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity each week for adults. Staying active increases metabolic rate, which stimulates regular bowel movements.

  1. Reduce Stress.

We’re living in a time where more people than ever are pushing themselves to their limits with busy schedules and full agendas. If you’re one of them, don’t forget to prioritize de-stressor related activities—your poop schedule will thank you for it! While you’re at it, grab one of our ViBE Calm Vanilla Lavender bars. Some studies have linked lavender oil to both stress and anxiety reduction.

Happy pooping ☺!

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