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What is ViBE Energy Bar?

ViBE Energy Bar is a caffeine infused protein bar, eliminating the requirement of a cup of coffee and a snack. It is the perfect guilt free on-the-go snack when you need to refuel quickly.

How much coffee is 100 MG of caffeine?

A typical cup of coffee can have anywhere between 70-140MG of caffeine depending on the type of coffee and the size of the cup. A 1 ounce shot of espresso contains 63 MG of caffeine per the USDA. That is why we measure the caffeine in ViBE using shots of espresso. A full bar of ViBE contains the equivalent of 1.5 shots of espresso.

Where can I buy ViBE Energy Bars?

The easiest way to currently buy ViBE is online. Currently you can buy ViBE locally in stores in and around Palm Beach and Broward county.

Can you send first-timers a free ViBE Energy Bar sample?

Besides ordering a full box of 12 bars, we do offer the ability to try a 3-pack of bars, perfect for someone who wants to try ViBE without committing to a box.

Do you plan on having more flavors?

Yes! More there are several flavors currently in the works.  Follow our Instagram page at @vibeinfusion to stay up to date on current happenings at VIBE.

Do you plan on making any bars that are peanut free?

Yes, fear not peanut allergy sufferers! The next few bars in development will be peanut free.

What is Coffee Fruit Extract?

Coffee Fruit Extract is part of the Coffee Fruit or Coffee Berry.  It is the protective, outer layer of the coffee bean you are so used to.  It is one of the highest antioxidant fruits and also can help create new neuron growth as it is extremely high in BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Function).  You can read more about it in our blog!

What Does "Infused WIth A Purpose" mean?

We decided here at ViBE to not just make moreprotein bars, but to make protein bars that can help you with specific needs in your daily life.  Each bar has the goal of helping you master your day, so grab a ViBE and kick some ass!